At Periwinkle Preschool we recognise and respect that children are unique individuals on a path of learning. We welcome each child and their family openly on their learning journey.


At Periwinkle Preschool we have an established, experienced and consistent team of teachers and educators who are passionate about early childhood education and are able to deliver a high quality Steiner-based program and curriculum. Our Teaching Team is led by two University Degree qualified Early Childhood Teachers. All support staff hold either a Diploma or Certificate Three in Early Childhood Education.

There is a certified Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education Teacher in attendance five days per week. All our staff are committed to ongoing professional development through a fortnightly Teacher’s College, Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education conferences and regional meetings.


Periwinkle is a community-run preschool that cannot exist without parent involvement. Parents are asked to consider that, when enrolling your child in Periwinkle, you are also committing your time and energy to running and caring for our preschool.

It is vital that parents fulfil their obligations throughout the year so staff can focus on providing a safe and stimulating environment for the enjoyment and education of the children. Parent involvement and community care with shared energy is what keeps Periwinkle sailing! The following information explains what we require of our parents.

Parent Management Committee

We are a non-profit community organisation run by a management committee consisting of parents nominated at the Annual General Meeting. We are an incorporated body and are audited annually.

There are 4 executive positions elected annually: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

There are other roles to be filled each year including Maintenance Coordinator, Fundraising Co-ordinator and Newsletter/Communications Co-ordinator. Meetings are held monthly.

The Parent Management Committee is a rewarding and fun way to get to know the other parents and to also contribute to the ongoing future of Periwinkle as a wonderful place for the children of Byron Bay.

Parent Information Nights

Each term the Director and the team prepare an informative and fun session for the parents, held on the 5th Thursday of each term from 7 pm – 8:30 pm. These are important events for parents to attend (without children) as they help to deepen your understanding of the Steiner Early Childhood Education program and how to support your child in their development. It is expected that at least one parent from each family will attend each of these evenings.

Working Bees & Community Care of Periwinkle

Periwinkle requires each family to provide two hours of community care/maintenance time per term, typically by attending Working Bees. Working Bees are a fun way we can all share and contribute to the maintenance of Periwinkle.

“… for even the wisest can learn incalculably much from children.”

– Rudolf Steiner